The Everyday Space Traveler

The Everyday Space Traveler

Discover Nine Insights into the Wonders of Inner and Outer Space
Foreword by Apollo 11 Astronaut
and moon walker Buzz Aldrin.

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Mountain Lion Above Santa Monica Bay

Amazing Creatures on Planet Earth

  • 03/19/16, 8:10pm


As I continue my foray into camera trapping some amazing creatures on planet Earth, I was recently thrilled to discover this magnificent mountain lion living on the edge of civilization peacefully co-existing with people in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. She could possibly be the same lion I encountered in person one special winter afternoon in January 2013.

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mission to mars

The Martian

  • 09/14/15, 8:43pm

The Martian

This visionary movie about a lone astronaut stranded on Mars opens in theaters on October 2, 2015.  “The Martian” is an engaging, emotional and eye-opening motion picture that showcases the aspiration of our singular human race – our common destiny in space.

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Future is Short -WP Feature

The Future is Short

  • 06/16/15, 9:54pm

The Future is Short – Science Fiction in a Flash

Over 70 Amazing Microstories

Check out “The Future is Short”. I was honored to have written the foreword to this outstanding anthology of short stories from a select group of authors and visionaries.  From the stories of space travel I’ve heard from the mouths of real astronauts, our future will be everything we can ever imagine. With “The Future is Short”, now we can… in a flash. 

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