“Outer Space / Inner Space” with Mindshare L.A.

by | Jul 27, 2014

The Everyday Space Traveler featured at Mindshare L.A.’s “Outer Space / Inner Space” event.

Jason Klassi participates in Mindshare L.A.’s event “Outer Space / Inner Space” on June 25th at the futuristic Cross Campus facility.  Copies of his award-winning book The Everyday Space Traveler were featured.

The evening started when Doug Campbell, co-founder of Mindshare L.A., brilliantly MC’d the illuminating event with a relevant opening homage to Isaac Newton.

Presenters included Liana Bandziulis, a journalist with WIRED Magazine speaking about Data Mining YOUR World, Seth Dorfman, a Postdoctoral Scientist  from UCLA asking Why Plasmas Are “Hot Stuff” and Ashley Booth, an Oceanographer exploring the inner space of Altering Consciousness and Perception.

Cross Campus is an engine of creativity and innovation, housed at their state-of–the-art space in the heart of Santa Monica with a goal to inspire creative collisions through space design, learning platforms, and extraordinary events, fostering member-driven collaboration that ultimately leads to game changing ideas and enterprises.

For more event images go to Mindshare’s Facebook page.

Image Caption:  Jason Klassi at Mindshare L.A.’s “Outer Space / Inner Space” event featuring his award-winning book The Everyday Space Traveler with a foreword by Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin.



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