The Future is Short

by | Jun 16, 2015

The Future is Short – Science Fiction in a Flash

Over 70 Amazing Microstories

Check out “The Future is Short”. I was honored to have written the foreword to this outstanding anthology of short stories from a select group of authors and visionaries.  From the stories of space travel I’ve heard from the mouths of real astronauts, our future will be everything we can ever imagine. With “The Future is Short”, now we can… in a flash. 

“The Future is Short – Volume 2: Science Fiction in a Flash” by Jot Russell(Author), Carol Shetler (Editor), Jessica Colvin (Illustrator) Jason Klassi(Foreword)

Now available on Amazon.

“The Future is Short” is a science fiction anthology of microstories (flash fiction) based on the best from the second year of the Science Fiction Microstory Contest.

 “When you reach the final words of each journey, you suddenly find yourself in a new place, a new state-of-mind, dramatically transported into an eye-opening future. – Jason Klassi”.  (excerpt from the  foreword)
Future is Short - cropped s 3x4


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