The Everyday Space Traveler

The Everyday Space Traveler

Discover Nine Insights into the Wonders of
Inner and Outer Space
Foreword by Apollo 11 Astronaut
and moon walker Buzz Aldrin.

Available July 20, 2012

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glyph-1-v2Ray Bradbury

Author's Log
Morning, December 1, 2099 (Earth time). Landing on Mars

If traveling to Mars has been dangerous, landing here will be even riskier.  The entry, descent and touchdown may only take six minutes, but the ride is going to be intense.  If we arrive alive, we will need to survive over a year on the surface before we begin our journey back home.

Safely secured inside our landing craft, LifeLander, we are jettisoned from CosmicSea’s rear deck and begin to drop quickly toward the surface of Mars.

Only three previous expedition teams have set foot on this 4-billion year-old world. They all survived the journey, made the most of their resources, lived and thrived on another world.

“There is life on Mars. It is us”!


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Welcome aboard EXPEDITION LIFEPOINT, an imaginary yet plausible journey to Mars.

The mission of our envisioned journey is not to foretell the future but to explore the possibilities. By stepping into the future in our minds, we may make better use of the present in our lives.

Join the voyagers of EXPEDITION LIFEPOINT on the world's first adventure vacation to Mars - a spectacular virtual journey where you can discover timeless secrets of the universe that have taken earthbound humans millennia to understand.

Experience the cosmos now-using this book as your private spaceship.

Each chapter is a leg of a journey where you can discover 9 life-affirming insights into the wonders of inner and outer space.

Climb aboard the state-of-the-art spacecraft CosmicSea for the adventure of a lifetime!

"I like to take a peek at the future, even if it's only a potential future." - Will I. Am, singer/songwriter of The Black Eyed Peas

Be Resourceful
Whether traveling on-Earth or off-Earth, travel light and make the most of the resources at hand. A “leave no footprint” approach to travel can inspire innovative and resourceful solutions that can help you thrive in daily life. Reduce, reuse and recycle.When camping, apply the outdoor ethics of the Leave No Trace philosophy at

Iroquois Native-American Group in Winter. 1914

Apply the Law of the Iroquois Confederacy

In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.