The Everyday Space Traveler

The Everyday Space Traveler

Discover Nine Insights into the Wonders of
Inner and Outer Space
Foreword by Apollo 11 Astronaut
and moon walker Buzz Aldrin.

Available July 20, 2012

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Author's Log
Day One 
Experiencing a New Kind of Freedom

Safely docked with our mothership, CosmicSea, we unfasten our seat belts and take few moments to stretch our legs in zero-gravity. We begin to feel the essence of the fourth insight—weightlessness.

The first sensations of weightlessness are incredibly visceral and remind us of a good flying dream. We feel a new kind of freedom in moving without gravity.


Welcome aboard EXPEDITION LIFEPOINT, an imaginary yet plausible journey to Mars.

The mission of our envisioned journey is not to foretell the future but to explore the possibilities. By stepping into the future in our minds, we may make better use of the present in our lives.

Join the voyagers of EXPEDITION LIFEPOINT on the world's first adventure vacation to Mars - a spectacular virtual journey where you can discover timeless secrets of the universe that have taken earthbound humans millennia to understand.

Experience the cosmos now-using this book as your private spaceship.

Each chapter is a leg of a journey where you can discover 9 life-affirming insights into the wonders of inner and outer space.

Climb aboard the state-of-the-art spacecraft CosmicSea for the adventure of a lifetime!

"I like to take a peek at the future, even if it's only a potential future." - Will I. Am, singer/songwriter of The Black Eyed Peas

NASA astronaut Story Musgrave experiences a moment of “weightlessness” between every step he takes as he jogs on Earth. Credit: Story Musgrave

Feel Weightless on Earth

When you need a lift, go to your local playground and swing on a swing. Delight in the weightless moment at the height of each swing just before gravity pulls you back to Earth. Experience the thrill of floating between up and down.

Because you can never escape the force of gravity, “weightlessness” is nothing more than a form of free-falling. There is a moment of “weightlessness” in every jump for joy and between every step we take.

Peter Diamandis, a founder of Zero-G corporation, the X-Prize Foundation and author of the best-selling book Abundance, enjoys free-fall onboard an aircraft in parabolic flight. Credit: Peter Diamandis/Wikipedia Commons

Free-Fall on a Parabolic Aircraft

For a 20 second weightless experience, float like an astronaut and fly like a superhero with a ZERO-G Experience, the only one of its kind. Contact ZERO-G at